Bad Credit Car Loans in Canada

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How Fast Will I Get Approved?

Once you complete the online application our system will automatically start searching for the best lender or dealership to work with you. Sometimes you can get approved the same day, but usually within 48 hrs you can expect to be driving your new car.

Do you do “No Credit Check Car Loans”?

Our lenders look at more then just your credit score. They understand the worst credit situations and can get virtually anyone approved. Understand that “No Credit Check Car Loans” is a myth, and anywhere you apply online or in person, your credit will be checked. But you’re in the right place now. Because we have the largest network of private “Bad Credit Auto Loan Lenders” in Canada! And if ANYONE can get you approved… it’s us.

Can I pick the car I want?

Yes! You can pick the car you want! After you complete the easy online application, you’ll be able to look at a number of different vehicles and see which one is right for you. If you don’t like any, no problem! Because you are under NO obligation to buy anything, and finding out your options is always FREE.

What are “Bad Credit Car Loans”?

Bad credit car loans or “auto loans” are for individuals with less then perfect credit. We source what are called sub-prime lenders if your credit is really bad. And sometimes even private lenders are used. There are thousands of dealerships and lenders in Canada and we know all of them. That means that we’re able to secure you a “bad credit auto loan” quickly and easily.

What happens after I complete the online application?

After you complete the online application you simply sit back and wait. Our system will go to work finding you the best options for a new car loan. Then once we’ve found you the perfect match, they’ll call you with your pre-approved auto loan. After that you just go down and pick out which new vehicle you want!

Just last month over 15,000 people applied and many got approved the same day! Bad Credit Car Loans is what we do… And we do it well.

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