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Auto Lease Versus Purchase

When you choose that you want a new vehicle you will face the decision on leasing a vehicle or purchasing it. Thankfully we at Canada Credit Company are knowledgeable and can easily guide you to the proper choice.

Should you Lease or Purchase?

Would you like to drive a new car every four years without major maintenance?


Would you like to save long term?


Would you like to have a small monthly payment and a small down payment?


Would you like to pay off a vehicle and be debt free?


Things You Should Consider About a Lease vs a Purchase

Either one of these options could be a good fit for you, and the major difference between the two is that in a lease you are paying for the depreciation that you are placing on the vehicle. However, when you choose to purchase a car you are buying it outright.

When you lease a vehicle it is similar to renting an apartment, you will never own it but it can be a great deal for you. Owning a car is something that many people aspire to in their lifetime, and it is your decision to make. Once you purchase and pay for your car in full, you can sell it to get some of your money back.

Whichever course you choose, we at Canada Credit Company can help you on your path to auto loan financing.

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