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Interest rates for car loans in Canada is calculated, in part, on the term and the amount of your loan. Auto loan interest rates increase with longer terms, because of vehicle depreciation. A cars value depreciates greatly over the first few years and makes it a much riskier loan to recover. This is because of the value of a long-term loan in case the customer defaults. Short term loans are low interest car loans by comparison.

Interest Rates on Car Loans - Everything You Want to Know

The fact is that longer term loans and their high car loan interest rates might be the only option for people with a good credit score who are not able to handle the high monthly payments associated with short term loans. People with poor credit or bankruptcy problems might find that the auto loan interest rates proposed to them will be higher, and perhaps even a lot higher.


Remember that a poor credit history and problems doesn't mean that you have to get a poor car loan. If you use Canada Credit Company we can turn things around for you. We can help you get a car loan online with an interest rate you will enjoy. That being said, remember that the auto loan interest rates can change based on individual situations. When you understand the facts about car loan interest rates, it will help with a successful outcome. Interest rates play a big role in your monthly car payments also, and this will influence how much you spend on your new vehicle.

Remember that you should never say yes to terms or auto loan interest rates that you can't handle. Late payments or defaulting on loan payments will cause damage to your credit score and hurt as you rebuild your credit. When you complete our car loan application now you can take a look at what offers are out there for you.

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