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Bad Credit Auto Financing

If you have bad credit you might think that it is impossible for you to get an auto loan, but this isn’t the case and we at the Canada Credit Company can assist you. Even if you have had a bankruptcy it is possible to find you a loan that will put you behind the car of your dreams. We have a group of lenders that specifically works with borrowers to help you secure financing.

Finding a Car Loan for Bad Credit is Easy

Here are a few things affecting your credit:

1. Late Payments
When you pay something late you get hit in your credit rating.

2. More Debt Than Your Income
If the amount that you owe is higher than what you make you will have worse credit.

3. Bankruptcy
If there is a bankruptcy in your past, and a combination of these three things, lenders are nervous to lend you money.

However, just because you have a combination of these three factors does not mean that securing a loan is unrealistic. You will have to provide financial information, and you will be able to find a lender that specifically works with high risk borrowers. Once paying a down payment, you would be surprised at how many loan options that you will have. Contact us now at Canada Credit Company to see what loan options are available for you.

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